Rollercoaster - Blues For LB (2018)
16.09.2018, 17:54

Исполнитель: Rollercoaster
Название диска: Blues For LB
Лейбл: ℗ 2018 Rollercoaster - 192914819394
Страна: New Zealand
Жанр: Electric Blues
Год выпуска: 2018
Количество треков: 12
Формат: MP3
Качество: 320 kbps
Время звучания: 00:42:03
Размер файла: 101,08 МБ


01. Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide 03:00
02. Mean Old World 04:02
03. Give Me All Your Love 02:41
04. Still A Fool 03:43
05. Sloppy Drunk 03:10
06. Darling You Know I Love You 03:55
07. Please Love Me 02:48
08. Tell Me Pretty Baby 03:51
09. Mathilda 02:50
10. Let Me Be 02:29
11. Double Trouble 05:41
12. Blues For LB 03:48

We wanted to make this album as a celebration of the joy playing the blues together brings us. Whenever we play live, either as the father-son duo, or as the trio, it's never the same show and we really wanted to bring that 'live' feel to the album. The blues is an important thing, and we feel really grateful to be playing it and to have even heard it in the first place: to us the blues is all about love. That's what this album is all about, our love for the music, each other and of course the album's namesake Little Blue; our late family dog. This one's for you.

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